Flats will be available with very luxurious interior

Smaller apartments are the first large-scale construction houses with low ceilings and poor sound insulation. They were actively built throughout the country, and many high families at that time acquired their housing for the first time. The combined bathroom i.e. toilet and bathroom are in the same room. Many apartments have a balcony and a storage room, the latter shape being no different from an ordinary room in these types of homes. The apartment only has a balcony, which is located on the first floor of the building. 1 BHK apartment in Goa is an example of this type of balcony.

The presence of a balcony and pantry in these flats is given in a very luxurious way. Its layout is characterized by a feature that consists of small corridors and a kitchen, two almost identical rooms in the main. A walk-in room, often surrounded by a kitchen and moving to another room. Flat for sale in Dabolim is similar to this.

A full bed in these flats can be separated using a rack or screen – this will create a more private space. If the apartment allows for ceiling height, the bed can be located on another level, and its More space can be easily obtained for arranging the work area under. Park Residences around the Blu is designed in this form.

You can also use the podium for storage. The space under them is suitable for blankets, pillows, as well as non-seasonal clothing. In addition, the podium will help to focus on the desired part of the room. Storage space is concealed for the storage organization allowing you to equip the dressing room or use a wall closet. For this you look at the options with side doors – this will allow you to create extra space, as the design of the sliding door is quite powerful.

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